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In addition, his services were called in when BP was seeking new oil concessions in Abu Dhabi.

In the process, he had amply fulfilled his pledge to Cherie.

Jonathan Powell, his former chief of staff, came to the rescue. Bluntly, he told Dimon he wanted ‘a proper job’ and expected at least £3 million a year, a five-year contract as an adviser and a percentage of every contract he initiated.

There was his Faith Foundation, which was meant to encourage tolerance between the religions, and his Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) — through which he hoped to advise leaders on how to run their countries.

Dropping in on British embassies had by then become a familiar routine: in every country Blair visits, he expects the embassy to provide him with a comprehensive security briefing and occasionally even overnight accommodation.

Then, armed with the classified information, he sped in a motor cavalcade to the president’s office. Blair introduced himself grandly as ‘Britain’s most successful Prime Minister’ and then launched into his practised sales pitch.

In addition to serving bankers, Blair had many other commercial paymasters — such as Mubadala of Abu Dhabi.His visitors were directed to conduct exhaustive research in Kuwait to identify the country’s problems.Then they were asked to visit Singapore in order to study the country’s excellent education system, and South Korea to study the health system.Fortuitously, LPs — short for limited partnerships — are not obliged to publish their accounts.

That’s why no one could authoritatively challenge Blair when he said last year he was worth ‘only £10 million’.In an hour-long video about Nazarbayev, Blair could be seen sitting happily beside him, and repeatedly eulogising him.