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26-Nov-2017 08:01

If you're into distances that are truly "ultra," the Race Across America should satisfy you. You start at Oceanside Pier in California and end in Annapolis, MD.The total course is about 3,000 miles and has over 170,000 vertical feet of climbing. You can do it in teams of two, four or eight in a relay format.But, if you're truly hardcore, you can do the whole thing solo.

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There are only five obstacles to conquer, but you and your partner have to alternate biking and running between them.

Some states and cities are commonly associated with recipes (Maryland crab cakes, Boston baked beans, Philly cheese steak, New York style pizza) others are moore challenging to connect with a particular dish.

It is a complicated mix of history, cultural/ethnic influence, and local commodities.

They're keeping most of the obstacles secret until the day of the event, but they promise to be much tougher than the civilian race.

And rather than doing a single loop of the course, you're required to keep trudging along for a full 24 hours.There's plenty of mud to be had and costumes are encouraged.

It could be that appearing unsure makes the writer seem more vulnerable and less threatening. But either way: men should be careful not to let the appearance of vulnerability become the appearance of sweaty desperation: , 23%)!… continue reading »

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You are free to join one or more if you wish, but paid membership on one does not give you paid membership on another.… continue reading »

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A watch is a timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person.… continue reading »

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The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said the quake had the potential to cause a local tsunami."Earthquakes of this size sometimes generate local tsunamis that can be destructive along coasts located within a few hundred kilometres of the earthquake epicentre," the centre said.… continue reading »

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