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A CD Single called A Hundred Thousand Angels, by Sinead OConnor. Talentovan rka prispela svojim hlasom na dve piesne s plne poslednho albumu. Disc Two includes songs featured on this year's popular DIRECTV FREEVIEW concert (Vicar Street - Dublin, Oct. Sinad O'Connor, Shane Mc Gowan, Mary Black, John Spillane, Jimmy Mc Carthy and the Dubliners are among those singing from the same hymn sheet in the campaign which is organised by the Irish Artists for Peace.This track is also included on the She Who Dwells album. You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart Paul Hewson/Gavin Friday/Morris Roycroft/Blue Mountain Music Ltd. Sinead O'Connor sings on Damien Dempsey's new single, 'It's All Good', which will be released on 19 September. 2002); her stellar band brings new life to big hits and great songs from her career. Group spokesman Michael O'Callaghan said it was a brave move by the artists, considering what they could lose.This track is also included on the She Who Dwells album. The talented Irish has contributed her voice to two of the songs on their latest album. Vinu asu trvila vlani nahrvanm a turn s Sinad O'Connor, na Shannoninom novom albume 'Libertango' hosuje mnoho pralivch enskch vokalistiek ako aj spolupracujcich talentov z jej sastnho koncertnho turn. "In the event of war in the Middle East, the Irish people would be implicated in any unjustified civilian losses and humanitarian crisis that would ensue," their letter said.The purpose of the single is to highlight the impact of alcohol on young women by giving all the profits of the CD to Barnardos, Irelands leading childrens charity, because of the work they do in services around alcohol. Britsk trip-hopov skupina Massive Attack priniesla svoju vlastn znaku skupiny Karmu do Dublina vera veer, kde vystupovali v The Point Theatre... Sinad O'Connor prispela dvoma piesami, jednm starodvnym rskym nboenskm chorlom, druhou krsnou verziou ktskej nrodnej piese 'Anachie Gordon'. Following "her most rapturous work in a decade" for her sexy'd up take on traditional Irish music (Sean-Nos Nua), O'Connor promptly accepted the avalanche of kudos and then announced her retirement from music. The musicians said the use of Ireland's south-western Shannon Airport as a refuelling stop for US troop transporters undermined Ireland's traditional neutrality and constitutional commitment to the peaceful resolution of international disputes.Tehotn spevka Sinead O'Connor nikdy nebola tak zaneprzdnen od svojhooznmenia o odchode z hudobnho priemyslu a verejnho ivota pred niekokmi mesiacmi - a stle vyhrva ceny! Listen to audio samples at enough controversy to sink a battleship takes more than force of will; it takes force of talent and OConnor has it in volumes, starting with that inimitable voice. Sinead O'Connor and her second husband, 29-year-old Daily Mirror journalist Nick Sommerlad, split up in July of last year after just 11 months of marriage and managed to keep the parting a secret until this weekend.Nememe ju povaova za enu, ktorej vyhlsenia s pravdiv.. INTERVIEW Sinead OConnors wild days might be over, but theres still plenty of fight left in Irelands loudest export. This was despite a tempestuous ending to a relationship which began after the couple met at a concert in Francis Street in Dublin and, according to friends, fell madly in love at first sight.All profits from the single will be donated to Barnardos Ireland. I am Stretched on Your Grave Composed by Philip King Translation/Michael O'Donovan Mulligan Music/EMI/Virgin Music 6. More than 50 top acts have signed an open letter which will be sent to the Taoiseach asking him to end the refuelling stopover at the airport.

Dceru Roisin (7) m s novinem Johnem Waytersem a estnctiletho syna Jakea se spisovatelem Johnem Reynoldsem. "By their nature, they are closely associated with the heartbeat of Ireland, as is shown by their musical success.

Zpvaka zkolabovala bhem loskho turn s Massive Attack, s ktermi vystupovala v roli hosta. Za Nicka, kter je vzdlenm pbuznm vdsk krlovny Silvie, se ped dvma lety po nkolikamsn znmosti tajn provdala. Oba jsme proli nkolika nespnmi vztahy, ale te jsme astn, kali tehdy. Group spokesman Michael O'Callaghan said it was a brave move by the artists, considering what they could lose.

Pro taj otce Sinad OConnorov je na tajemstv a okujc pekvapen pebornice. O dti se j star najat tm chv a ona nem do eho pchnout, k zdroj z jejho okol. My Lagan Love Words by Joseph Campbell/Boosey and Co. "These musicians and artists were under no obligation to come out and state their side.

The single, titled "A Hundred Thousand Angels" will be released in Ireland on 7th November as part of raising money and awareness of alcohol. According to reports in ALL newspapers Sinead O'Connor is seven weeks pregnant with her third child, and is over the moon with the news. 2002); her stellar band brings new life to big hits and great songs from her career. The stars' letter expresses fears that in the event of war in the Middle East, the Irish people would be responsible for deaths.

It is likely to be the last ever single from the Irish superstar, as she is now retiring from the music industry. But because of Sinead's run-ins with the press during her last pregnancy the wily singer is staying tight lipped about the identity of the father. Sure to generate interest from the press as the "last CD of our acquaintance" with Sinad, as well as amust-have for her core fanbase, this release should ensure that it is SHE WHO DWELLS in the record bins for some time. It also warns Ireland might become the target of a terrorist attack because of the Shannon stopover.

"Barnardos sees the impact of binge drinking and alcohol abuse in the family, every day across the country," said Owen Keenan, Chief Executive, Barnardos, at the launch, "all profits from the sale of the CD single and from the album track will go to Barnardos work with children and families affected by alcohol throughout Ireland. S celosvetovmi hitmi ako s Unfinished Symphony a Karmacoma Massive Attack vystpil v The Point ako vdy, s obrovskm spechom! In addition to her much-anticipated take a Dolly Parton's "Dagger Through The Heart" (to appears on Sugar Hill's 4th quarter Dolly Parton tribute release - JUST BECAUSE I'M WOMAN), SHE WHO DWELLS...looks like it could be O'Connor's swan song. IRISH musicians are hoping their plea to stop US military aircraft refuelling at Shannon will strike the right chord with the Government.