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Degenerate PCR primers targeting conserved motifs were tested on the wild cultivar , var.

Calcutta 4, which is resistant to a number of fungal pathogens and nematodes.

ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (AGPase) is a rate-limiting enzyme catalyzing the first step in the starch biosynthesis pathway in higher plants.

To date, there are no reported variants or isoforms of the AGPase enzyme in bananas ( spp. In this study, genomic DNA sequences homologous to the gene encoding one of the large subunits of the enzyme were amplified from 10 accessions of the genus , including representatives of wild ancestors (AA and BB genomes), dessert bananas (AA, AAA, AB and AAB genomes), plantains (AAB genome) and cooking bananas (ABB and AAA genomes), and studied in order to find single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) base variations in accessions, a total of 36 SNPs and insertions/deletions (indels) were found.

One hundred and seventy four resistance gene analogs (RGAs) were amplified and assembled into 52 contiguous sequences.

Motifs present were typical of the non-TIR NBS-LRR RGA subfamily.

BACKGROUND: Many commercial banana varieties lack sources of resistance to pests and diseases, as a consequence of sterility and narrow genetic background.

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Deep examination of SNPs in the 2nd exon in the LSU of AGPase showed that at seven locations, five SNPs altered their amino acid sequence.Many commercial banana varieties lack sources of resistance to pests and diseases, as a consequence of sterility and narrow genetic background.

(Fisher et al.) The American College Health Association (ACHA) carried out The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) in Fall 2011.… continue reading »

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