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Prepare a fine powder of the following herbs and store in a vessel: Gymnema Sylvestre 50 mg Dried Bitter Gourd 50 mg Fenugreek Seeds 50 mg Nigella seeds ( Black Cumin ) 50 mg Dried Black Plum ( Jamun )50 mg Black Pepper 25 mg Consume ¼ tablespoon powder along with a cup of Soy Milk or Butter Milk ( Lassi ) on an empty stomach.

As I do not know about her body type or actual condition. If anyone suffering from cold allergy related to Histamine receptor,will Kaala jeera(Black cumin) seed effective for him/her? lastly pls let me know probable side effects of it,if any............ Is there any medicine available to cure this problem. Also, take Saffron in the tincture form- Crocus Sativa is the name. Initially, try these Herbs for a week, if they suit you, then you may continue to take them for a month. I have been suffering from halitosis for many years now. As m suffering from respiratory problem sync 2 yrs reports are showing my lungs pipes are narrow as v say congestion...

has just provided the platform for communication for the users. Dear Renuka There are many other Herbs that cure PCOD. You may take 3 teaspoons (15 ml) of Ashoka leaves juice early morning on an empty stomach with 100 ml water. Ashoka leaves balance the hormones in the female body, It repairs the inner Uterus lining, regulates the menstrual cycle. I am wondering about trying this oil on her (Black Seed Oil) that someone gave me. So, we hope you are not suffering from Hypoglycemia ( low sugar level). This powdered mixture daily 1/2 spoon in 1 glass of warm water early in the morning in empty stomach since two years. When you are not suffering from any disease, then I think you should not take them.

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My vet recommended another surgery but if the abscess comes back again She said there is nothing else she can do. Im feeling helpless :( Dear Cherie Sorry, we understand your concern for your pet.. Consult your health care provider before trying any remedy. HE IS THE ONLY HERBALIST THAT HAVE CURE FOR ORAL AND GENITAL HERPES, TRY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF... This herb alone may not be that effective in curing Diabetes. And also I want to increase my breast size, I am not married, please suggest me what to do to improve all these. To increase your breast size, massage the breasts daily with grapeseed oil. Morning 4 tablet 1) Tazilock CT40, 2) Clopilet 75, 3) Trinerve, and 4) Glycomet GP 1 and night 2 tablets 1) Glycomet GP 1 and 2) Atorva 20. Also, take Dong Quai capsules, one daily for a month. Herbpathy is not a centre or a shop, it is an informative website. Ayurveda evolve din India and in your state there are a number of Ayurvedic centres, we would suggest that you please do your research online and look for the centres in your region. If you are not suffering from any disease and yet you are concerned bout your health and wish to achieve an optimum level of health, it is suggested that you go to the portal Vibrant Health given on Herbpathy. The Black Seed powder with honey is very effective for weight loss. https://herbpathy.com/Vibrant-Health-And-Longevity-Vid1 Many thanks for your great work, words are not enough to describe your kindness to humanity.

Kad nepraleisti savo brangaus laiko žiūrėdami video, kuris nepatiko daugumai žiūrovų, mes padarėme reitingą, pagal kurį galima spręsti, žiūrėti šį video, ar ne. 2.0-2.9 - siaubas, nepatariu žiūrėti 3.0-3.9 - Nepatiko didesnei daliai auditorijos, žiūrėti neverta taip galvoja dauguma kino gerbėjų.

Pagal naudotojų vertinimą gali būti suskirstyti pagal šią skalę: 1.1-1.9 - blogiau nėra, gėda žiūrėti.

Prepare a fine powder of the following herbs in the same quantity and store them in a vessel: Black Cumin Acacia Speciosa seeds ( Lebbek Tree ) Bitter Apple Acacia Senegal Fill full size capsules and take four capsules a day.

Or Soak ¼ tablespoon of the powdered mixture in a glass of water overnight and consume before breakfast in the next morning.

Make a fine powder of 1 cup of Black Cumin, 1 cup of Mustard seeds, 2/3 cup of rind Pomegranate and ½ cup of Shahtara ( Fumaria Indica) and collect in a vessel. Hello am Elena Smith i want to tell the public about the good work of Doctor William, i was cured from Herpes Genital by this great Doctor without stress i just only took the herbal medicine he prepared for me in just fourteen[14]days i was totally cured confirmed by my Doctor, You can reach this Doctor if you desire here is the Email Address; [email protected]