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Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.She had one of her long multiple orgasms where she just keeps coming and coming and coming. I felt her body shudder, her hips started to hump my face and her legs tightened up around my head so I couldnt let me get my mouth and nose completely out of her crotch but I managed to suck in enough air to keep me conscious for another half a minute or so. Then she pushed my head under water just far enough my nose was at the surface. Mommy would swear under her breath but then she So was Ms. He promised me another two thousand as soon as I did. I screamed into the gag as loud as I could and begged Mommy to stop. And pounded that huge dildo into me over and over again as she giggled and told Ms. Then she giggled and said first theyt feel those sharp spikes so much. So she just unbuckled her strapon harness and left the dildo up my ass. And made me suffer more than anyone could imagine.s been playing rough with me for years. She went wild bouncing up and down on that guy, pounding his balls the whole time. My grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and slammed my face against her crotch so my mouth and chin pushed hard against her pussy lips. And told her what I Ten minutes later Mommy was there and she got in the pool with me and Ms. Mom grabbed me and pulled me to where the water was two feet deep and then Mommy turned me so I was on my back and she spread her legs and straddled me and used her hand to guide my cock inside her slit. Mom was humping me real good and her thrusts and gyrations made little waves that washed over my face and sent water up my nose. I told her I wanted her to have more fun than she had with any other boy. Mommy was looking at me in a kind of dreamy eyed state she gets into sometimes when she hurts me really bad. She put the straps around my thighs and buckled it on me real tight so the prickly spikes dug into my ass and balls and so the dildo wouldnd make me suffer when the killed me. I existed to make her look good, feel good, climax good. And because she was bored and wanted to have some fun she laughed. Amber from the Club where Mommy works talked my Mom into torturing me to death. Whenever the Mom and her torture me they get all aroused and horny and wind up jumping in bed to fuck each other for about as much time as they spend on torturing me. Mostly what it means is I get just enough rest to put on a good show for Mommy when she starts torturing me again. Amber like it when I scream and buck and jerk and go into convulsions because of what they And Ms. Bobbyacted like his Mom was the center of his life. And to get her own son as big and hard as Bobby was.s illegal to abort them so late. Her own sixteen year old boy just didn't compare to Jennifer'sson Bobby. I could see she was leering at me as she kissed me and drown me and jacked me off all at the same time. The other boy was his Mommy's perfect little gentleman, a supremely well-mannered and wonderfully obedient little boy. In every way wicked women like Jen and Cyndi could want. She looked on with envy as Bobby stood still near his Mother waiting for further instruction. It looked like I had a huge banana stuffed in my jockey shorts and it was poking out my zipper. I was soooo horny.t yell at me or even make me go to the office. After she ground out her second cigarette butt with her boot she took out a note pad and wrote a note addressed to my Mom. Even though I knew she really wanted to snuff me Ms. But hearing the coldness in her voice today, the certainty in it, well, it scared me about as bad as all those nasty spikes on Mommy Ms. Anderson snickered several times and she seldom took her eyes off my crotch and my big stiffie. But Mom had never really shown much interest in it.

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At the last charity event Mommy raised seven hundred and forty five dollars selling my holes to her sadistic girlfriends so they could have theircruel and wicked fun. I don Jennifer Kilmer ran a finger down Bobby's chest and belly until it was hovering over the waistband of his swim suit.

She likes fucking faces about as much as she likes taking big hard cocks inside her. It seem to look at any one thing for more than half a second, his eyes darting this way and that. I coughed and sputtered and hurt and eventually drowned. I told my Mom she could do anything she wanted to me. She kept pumping her hips in and out kind of slow and easy like while she hummed to herself and sang a little song about thirty thousand dollars. Then she gave me a couple of hard deep thrusts to get my attention. At first there was more beer than spit but then it was mostly her spit. And pumped her hips hard against my butt half a dozen times. Mommy reached down and gently wiped some of my tears away. Listening to them laughing as they discussed all the ways they could snuff me gave me a headache. Amber said they could rig up a hoist in the living room, hog tie me then raise me up so they could lower me down on an upside down stool. It was really depressing to hear my Mom discuss ways of snuffing me like she was talking about one of her costume designs. Now she makes them for the younger dancers at the club. And my death at her hands was going to accomplish that. Mommy didnd gotten from the man interested in watching a woman torture her own little boy to death. Mommy would get fifteen thousand in all to kill me. Amber was sure if they put on a good show when they snuffed me they could even get that dirty old man to let them snuff him to.

His neck was a little flushed from where Mommy had just choked him so hard. So he just kind of stole glances at me and shuddered every once in a while when he looked at me. I knew she made me watch her fuck this gut then made me suck her pussy clean to make a point with her latest subbie. Because things went real dark and then all of a sudden I was awake again and Mommy wasns the crazy thing. And I begged her to jack me off, to wrap her hand around my cock and make me shoot off. Mommy was still slowly working that nasty dildo in and out of my ass while she asked me all this. Amber was sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette and sipping at a beer. I caught all of it in my mouth and swallowed it even though it was really gross. She just let me feel the sharp end sitting there under my fingernail. Then in her calming Mommy voice she tried to soothe me in her own warped way. Or maybe it was from the three inch diameter cock Mommy had rammed up my butt. Theyd guide one of the upside down legs up my butt then let my weight pull my body down until that lovely metal pipe went all the way up my ass, through my stomach, pierced a lung and, if they got lucky, poked out my throat while I was still alive. Mommy made that crystal clear to me that day.d save burning my dick till last. And turn on that old freak Frank Parker Mommy laughed just before she put her hands around my throat and choked me till I gagged and finally passed out.

She loves plunging that thing in all the way in a quick and savage thrust. Holloway to call my Mom so she could come drown her little boy and snuff him too if she wanted.t she deserve to have that kind of fun too. And without thinking I said yes, she deserved to have all the fun she could.

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Is a place where women can do whatever they want to men. Women bring their favorite slaves and subbies and play. Could she call my Mom and ask her to come over so she could see what a good little boy I could be. There are always cuffs and whips and dildos and clamps and other toys around when Mommy plays with a guy. So darlin, this is your chance to prove your worthy of a Mistress like me. Will you obey me totally the way you said you would in your last email? His mouth got so full of my hot stick jism it leaked out so I could feel the slimy goo running down my leg. I was so weak I kept sliding under whenever she let go of me.

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Auch die erneute Aufforderung der Prozessbevollmächtigten der Klägerin mit Schreiben vom 21. den Beklagten zu verurteilen, es zu unterlassen, Lichtbilder des Grabsteins der Eheleute (...) im Internet oder sonst wie öffentlich zur Schau zu stellen;3. Der Klägerin steht gegen den Beklagten unter keinem rechtlichen Gesichtspunkt ein Anspruch auf Entfernung bzw. So ist das Persönlichkeitsbild gegen grob ehrverletzende Entstellungen für einen angemessenen Zeitraum weiter geschützt. 90).bb) Der Geltungswert der verstorbenen Eltern der Klägerin wird durch das Fotografieren des Grabsteins sowie die Veröffentlichung des Lichtbildes des Grabsteins nicht beeinträchtigt.… continue reading »

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