Assertive or accommodating

21-Nov-2017 16:25

By now, you know the drill: I’m thrilled you’re coming into town, and I’m happy you thought of me!

(This is a tricky scenario self-esteem-wise, because especially when we’re feeling like money is scarce, we jump at the chance to have a job and our feelings about our business validated.Assertiveness can turn into aggression if that resentment starts coming out forcefully in the process of saying no.Assertiveness assumes that you’re neither trying to be submissive (giving in to someone else without cause) (trying to force ideas, goals, or punishment upon them).That word, ” Protecting that sense of worth enhances your self-esteem.

Protecting that sense of worth means treating others well (because they also have inherent worth), without abandoning your own worth when others try to impose their agendas upon you.Does it require you to spend precious time in a way that makes you feel imposed upon rather than excited to serve them)?